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Situated on the campus of a business university
International House Nice is on the campus of the IPAG, one of Nice's most prestigious business universities. Our campus is well situated close to the centre of Nice and to Old Nice.

Maximum 10 students per class and Certificate of achievement
The groups of a maximum of 10 students promote an active participation for everyone. At the end of your stay you will receive a Certificate of achievement that follows the guidelines from the Common European Framework.

Experienced native French teachers
We offer high-quality courses in a friendly atmosphere and emphasise the “communicative approach”to French. Whether it is points of grammar, vocabulary or idioms that are involved, the student is always encouraged to participate. All our teachers are native French speakers and university graduates.

Various types of accommodation
Most of our students choose to stay with a host family but we have various types of accommodation such as hotels and apartment hotels, various residences and studio and shared apartments.

Computer room and Wi-Fi available
You have access to computers with the internet and a Wi-Fi connection for your personal laptops free of charge.

Internship and cultural programmes
We have unpaid Internship programmes in the fields below:

  • Hotel industry, tourism
  • Newspaper company
  • French pastry and chocolate making
  • Restaurant and catering
  • Beauty therapy and spa treatment

Cultural programmes

  • French Cuisine Course
  • Aromatherapy courses

A warm and friendly atmosphere
We welcome each student every Monday with warmth. The warm ambiance that touches every aspect of the school will encourage you and motivate you to stay in our environment, where you will feel good and wish to get the best out of yourself to improve your knowledge of the French language.

Emergency support
To help give you peace of mind, a 24 hour hotline is available 7 days a week in case of necessity or emergency.

Respect of all our students
We commit to a non discriminative working code that respects every student regardless of nationality, religion, social ideas, sexual orientation or colour of skin. We love France, the French and the French language, but we love just as much your country, its people and your language!

The first day of the class
On the first day each student is given an evaluation test which allows us to create groups of similar levels. Your classes will start on the same day after the oral and the written tests.
In the afternoon we organise a guided tour of the city. We highly recommend you participate as it will be a chance to meet new people and to familiarise yourself with the city.

9:00 – 10:30 Oral and written Level test
10:30 –10:45 Morning Break
10:45 –12:15 Classes start
12:15 –13:15 Lunch Time
13:15 –14:45 Orientation meeting and guided tour of the city


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