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If you wish to learn a language in complete immersion, we propose Studies abroad for all ages and all levels. IH Nice is partner of 140 schools in 40 countries so you can choose the courses, the length of your stay, as well as your accommodation.

To study English

Learn English while discovering the culture and the traditions of a new country.

England :
London / Newcastle / Bristol

Ireland :
Belfast / Dublin

Australia :
Sidney / Brisbane / Cairns

New Zealand :

Canada :
Toronto / Vancouver/ Quebec

United States :
New York

South Africa :
Durban / Johannesburg

To study Spanish

Spain :
Barcelona / Madrid / Seville / San Sebastian / Valencia / Cordoba / Sabadell / Santander

Mexico :
Mexico City / Queretaro / Riviera Maya

To study German

Germany :
Freiburg / Berlin

To study Italian

Italy :
Rome / Pisa / Florence / Milan / Campobasso / Palermo

To study Portuguese

Portugal :

To study Chinese

China :

To study Russian

Russia :

To study Arabic

Egypt :

Whatever your plans, we will suggest a course adapted to your learning objectives and your desire to travel.

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