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Nationality : Swedish / Age 29
Length of stay : 24 weeks / Type of accommodation : Homestay and Studio

Why have you chosen International House Nice ?

Beacause I love the french language and French wine !
It is fantastic that Nice has a beautiful mediterranean sea !

How was your impression of the school ?

Great school, great location (very close to old town and beach), great teachers, greate mix of nationalities !


How were your French lessons at International House Nice ?

I’ve had had 3 teachers during my 6 months here and they’ve all been excellent.

What did you think about our staff ?

Staff are very friendly and helpful ! I am lucky and happy that I choose International house.

How have you spent your free time ?

I’ve made french friends, visited some of the villages around Nice and of course I’ve enjoyed the good food and the wine.

  What aspect about Nice or your stay has impressed you the most ?

That it’s a city with a beach.
I love the fact that you get the city ‘buzz’ and at the same time you can relax on the beach.
I also love the old town, its so picturesque with beautiful buildings, lots of cafés and restaurants.

What would you suggest to our prospective students ?

Come to Nice !! It’s fantastic !! Bring an open mind, patience and courage to conquer french grammar !

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