About the enrolment

Can I pay my tuition fees and accommodation costs on arrival?
Tuition fees must be paid 4 weeks in advance of the start date of the course. If there is a problem with the secure payment on the website, you may pay when you arrive with the school’s permission.

Am I able to change my programme either before or after I arrive?
Yes, you can do this before you arrive.
When you have arrived this may not be possible, but do ask the director.

About our French courses

What should I do if I find the level of my class too high or too low?
Have a chat with the director who will discuss the best solution with you and your teacher.

May I add extra classes to my programme?
Yes, of course! Just talk to the enrolment officer or the director and we will try our best to fit you into the class you wish to take.

If I am taking the DELF exam, how do I get to the examination centre in Cannes?
It is possible to take the train to Cannes, this takes around 40 minutes from Nice. The centre is just a walk away from the train station. A map will be given to you in advance.

If I am absent for the DELF exam or for health reasons will I be reimbursed?
No, any absence from the DELF exam or lessons will not be refunded.

Will I be in a class with other students the same age as me? - What do I do if they are all much older or younger than me?
Most of our students are between the ages of 17 and 40, but we do have older students.
All students are here with the same objective, to improve their French, so whatever their age, you are sure to find something to talk about.

Will I be given all the learning materials that I need?
Beginners can buy a book for 20 euros or alternatively borrow it, providing they pay a 20 euro refundable deposit. Other levels will be given handouts as required.

Do all the lessons take place at the IH premises?
Our premises are very large with up to 12 classrooms when necessary. We may have to rent other premises but very rarely.

Can I stay after classes to do extra work?
Yes, there is a self study room; you may borrow extra materials if you wish until 6pm.

What happens if I leave before the end of my course? Will I be reimbursed?
No, only if there are extenuating circumstances and with the director’s discretion will you be reimbursed.

I need more specific French for business etc… will this be possible?
This is possible depending on your course. General French is studied in the morning classes, but if you have chosen private or combined classes then this will allow specific subjects to be studied.

If I rent a studio, what are the regulations and what deposit is required?
A deposit of 400 euro is required, which must be paid straight to the landlord on arrival. 100% of this will be returned on your departure, unless damage to the property has occurred.

Are towels and bedding provided in all accommodation?
Host Families: all bedding is provided and usually towels.
Residences and studios: bedding is provided, but towels are not always.
You should bring your own beach towels with you.

How long will it take to get to my host family from the school?
All host families are carefully chosen. 50% live in central Nice, the others are rarely more than 20 minutes away by bus or tram. In fact most students walk to school but situations can vary when the school is full, particularly in summer.

May I extend my stay?
Yes, ask us first but don’t leave it too late. If the family is already booked up, you may have to change families.

What happens if I don’t like my host family?
See the accommodation officer who will sort out the issue, and find a replacement family. Please note that in the summer time, families can be very hard to find.
The Transfer and Transportation

May I ask the host family to take me to the airport when I depart?
It is easier for you to ask for this service when the course is booked, but it may be possible to arrange this personally with the family.
If arranged directly with family, payment must also be made directly.

Who will pick me up from the airport if I ask for a transfer?
If you choose to stay in a family, normally it is the family who will come and pick you up. It might be the shuttle driver when the family cannot come pick you up from the airport.

If I rent a studio, can you organise airport transfers?
Yes, we can organize shuttle transfers for the students who are staying at the studio, residences and hotels. It costs 35 euros for one way.

If I don’t arrange my transfer through the school, what other way is there to get my accommodation?
There are taxis at the airport that can take you to your accommodation; this costs around 30-35 euros. There are also 2 buses that run from the airport to the centre of town, the 98, which goes to the Gare Routière (bus station), and 99, which goes to the Gare SNCF (train station). These will cost you 4 euros, but the ticket may be used for the rest of the day on the tram or buses. A single journey on the tram or bus is 1euro; day passes can be brought for 4 euros.

The first day at the school

What happens on the first day at IH? – Will I be tested?
Yes, on the first day you need to arrive at the school at 9am, and like all new students you will be tested to ensure you are placed in the correct group for your ability. Lessons will usually start after the test.

What happens if the first day of school is a bank holiday?
You will arrive with the family on the Sunday, then inquire with the school whether something has been organised for the Monday, such as a excursion.

What happens if there are bank holidays during my stay?
If there is just one bank holiday, this will neither be refunded nor rearranged.
If there are two in the first four weeks of your stay, one will either be refunded or rearranged.
If you are staying for a long period of time, the tariff already takes lessons missed due to bank holidays into account.

Problems or Emergencies

What happens if I don’t find the person meeting me at the airport?
Every student is given the phone number for the family and for the director of International House.  The director will sort out the problem. However, this is a very rare occurrence. 
Steps to take:
1. Call the family: if no reply: 
2. Call Mr. Rubinstein, +33 (0)4 93 80 07 59 or +33(0)6 09 50 39 43.
3. Take a bus into town and find a two star hotel to stay in. If it was us who made a mistake, you will be reimbursed. (Remember to ask for a receipt.)

If I have a problem with family, the food or the cleanliness, what should I do?
We take all aspects of your stay seriously and if you have a problem with your family, that you don’t feel you are able to sort out yourself, just talk to a member of the IH staff  and they will do everything they can to improve the situation.

What should I do if I lose things or they are stolen?
You should report this to the police as soon as possible in order to get a crime number, which you will require if you want to claim on your insurance. If any credit cards etc are stolen, make sure you contact your bank immediately and get them to cancel them.
In France you are required to carry ID with you at all times; it is better to take a photocopy of this and leave the original at home. This can save you a lot of trouble, especially if a passport is the only form of ID you have.

What happens if I get sick or have health problems whilst in France?
The school is associated with a doctor, ask the secretary and she can make an appointment for you. For more serious problems, there are several very good hospitals in Nice, where you can receive medical attention.

Travel and other general questions

What are opening hours of the school?
The school is open from 8:30am to 18:00pm, allowing plenty of time for those extra studies and use of the internet.

What should I bring with me?
Each student should ensure that they have travel insurance for their trip ( EU citizens may apply for a European Health Insurance Card). If you rent a studio then adequate insurance for this is required.
It is best to come with a mixture of cash, travellers cheques and a credit card in case of emergencies.
You should also bring pens and a notebook to your classes, but these can be bought when you arrive if you prefer.
Clothes - This obviously depends on the time of year. The weather is mild most of the year, but you should bring  jumpers, coat and umbrella in the winter months (Nov – Feb). It gets hot in July and August, so sunglasses and sun block are necessary.

Can I get a student card?
If you ask the secretary she can provide a student card that will get you special rates for the bus and also for other attractions in France.

Is it okay to drink the tap water, or should I buy bottled water?
Yes, the tap water is fine to drink, however many people buy bottled water as they prefer the taste.

Where should I have lunch?
There are many restaurants and cafés around the school. IH Nice is just 15 minutes walking distance from the centre but restaurants around the school are good and cheap.
You can also buy a sandwich or baguette from one of the local bakeries. If you are staying in a studio or residential hotel you can also buy food to cook for yourself.

Can I use internet at the school and/or connect to the internet using my laptop?
Yes, there are three computers in the computer room, that can be used during breaks or after lessons. We also have WiFi in the school. Computers and WiFi connection are free of charge.

I am happy with the school and I would like to study a different language in another IH school; can I enrol through you?
Yes, see the director who will be able to get in touch with the relevant school and organise the enrolment.

How many social activities are organised each week?
This depends on the time of year. In the busy summer months there are a minimum of 2  organised activities per week; this is reduced to 1 in the winter months.

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