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Living with a French family is the best way to become familiar with the French lifestyle, to get to know French customs and to practise the language.

We have different types of host families. They may be composed of parents and children, a couple, or a single parent who takes in students because he or she enjoys the company. You will encounter a warm family atmosphere where only French is spoken. There may be other students in the house, so you will also enjoy their company.

Most of the families live within a reasonable distance of the school; the maximum distance from the school to the host family is 30 minutes by bus or tram. Donft expect their homes to be luxurious, but they should be comfortable and hospitable.

Students are lodged in single or double rooms. Weekly laundry and cleaning is included. You will have your own keys to come and go as you wish, but you will have to respect some basic rules and schedules, especially for mealtimes.

The accommodation is available between 4pm on the Sunday prior to the first day of the course (Monday) until noon on the Saturday following the last day of class (Friday). Extra nights may be available upon request.

  • With half-board accommodation, you will have breakfast and dinner with your hosts.
  • The bedrooms have been checked by our team to ensure that they are adequately equipped and comfortable. The standard requirement includes a bed, a desk, a chair, cupboard space and a window.
  • We pay particular attention to your requirements concerning allergies, diet, non-smokers etc. so do not hesitate to mention it when you enrol.

  • The families all live in Nice, mostly in the centre of town within walking distance to the school. Due to high demand during the summer months, families may live further away, so you may have to take the bus or tram for 30 minutes maximum.

  • If you wish, it is possible for your host family to meet you at the airport or station, providing you inform them in advance of your arrival information (time and flight or train number).
  • It costs 25 euro for the transfer service so please make the request at the time of enrolment. This service is not possible after 9 p.m. However, after that time a shuttle service is available (35 euro one way). We can order a shuttle service for you so please inform us your arrival details.

We will send you details concerning your family with the confirmation pack sent shortly after enrolment. You will then be able to contact the family directly to introduce yourself and ask any questions. During your stay our accommodation officer will be there to guide you or help you with any further questions.

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